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Shkoich Gadol - everything was gevaldik, and MUCH appreciated. Until the next time, be"H :)

Saul & Jennifer R.

If you’re planning to take a trip to Panama you MUST use Simi as your travel agent! 
Simi’s knowledge of Panama is extensive. He helped us plan our trip and we had an AMAZING time!  He basically knows everything there is to know about Panama. Travel arrangements, hotels, tours, Chabad, Shuls, Kosher restaurants - Simi is the one to ask.  The only thing better than his information was his personality. He is super nice and his response time was incredible. We were so impressed with Simi, we asked him if he handled travel for other countries. Sadly, his expertise was exclusively for Panama. 
You will not regret using Simi’s services, and I can’t imagine anyone else is as knowledgeable as he is about Panama. We love him!

Allison & Red K.


Thank you so much! Everything worked out perfectly. 
Really appreciate all of your help, made our travels go smoothly!

Beth B.

We had a great time!!! Truly appreciate all of your help!!  What an amazing trip thanks to your guidance!

Elana R.

Thank you for all your help. I’m really happy to have found you. You helped make the trip completely stress-free and memorable. All the best-

Charlie B.

‘Thanks so much for all your hard work. We really had an amazing time, everything worked out beautifully!!!!

Yehuda C.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-18 at 12.00.51_9304cfd8.jpg

Amazing. We really had an unreal time and will continue to sing your praises in good health.

Anthony S.

“it was one of our best trips thanks to you”

Baruch S.

It was great, you were so amazing at coordinating everything for us.

Deborah H.

Thanks for all… I really have no words!

Michelle L.

B”h  it was an amazing trip,

Shloimy H.

“Amazing! I am so impressed by everything that you are providing,

Emily A.

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