Spending Shabbat in Panama City is a wonderful experience. 

As Panama continues to open up from their Covid restrictions, so too will the limitations on attending weekday and Shabbat services at the local shuls.

Shabbat Candle Lighting & Havdala Times

Shabbat Services 


There are four Orthodox shuls located in the Panama City area.

1.  Shevet Achim - Bella Vista (Sefaradi)

2.  Ahavat Sion - Punta Paitilla (Sefaradi)

3.  Beth El  -  Punta Paitilla (Ashknaz)

4.  Bet Max Ve Sarah - Punta Pacifica (Sefaradi)

Outside of Panama City there are 3 additional shuls in the Beach areas of Coronado and Santa Clara

1.  Heichal Shlomo - Coronado (Sefaradi)

2.  Shaarei Rahamin - Coronado (Sefaradi)

3.  Mishkan Moshe - Santa Clara (Sefaradi)


Be sure that prior to arriving in Panama you complete the Visitor's Registration Form that is required for security approval in order to be admitted into these synagogues.  You will be contacted directly by the security team once your information is reviewed.

Chabad of Panama City is open for davening with pre-registration directly with Rabbi Karniel - mendi9@gmail.com.

Chabad can arrange for ordering and purchase of complete shabbat meals to be delivered to your hotel.



There are many hotels that are within walking distance of all of the synagogues.  A few of them are listed in the Panama City sections of our Hotels page.

Meals & Catering 

 (check the Food page for the contact information)

Candies Bazaar

Deli K Restaurant & Catering

Delicias Shoshana

Food 2 Go

La Bombonniere

Pita Plus