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Panama has become one of the top destinations for Jews to relocate to. Beyond the attraction of Panama’s warm tropical climate, many Jewish families are seeing the value of joining the wonderful Jewish community.


Why are so many Jewish expats choosing to move to Panama?

  • Panama boasts a very warm and welcoming Jewish community, that openly invites expats in, making it easy for families to integrate and feel a sense of belonging into the Panamanian Jewish Community

  • Panama has numerous Orthodox synagogues for the Sephardic, Ashkenazic, Modern and 'Yeshivish' families to choose from.  The synagogues are located within Panama City as well as the beach communities. 

  • The availability of kosher food, catering and ritual services is rivaled only by Israel and the United States.

  • Panama has wide variety of Jewish and international schools, providing top quality education for children.

  • Tax benefits & The US dollar:  Panama uses the US dollar as its currency which is why Panama attracts foreign investors and expat living and relocation. Panama also offers many tax benefits and friendly nations visas to expats who relocate and invest into Panama’s economy.



In addition to helping you find your next home in Panama, we also offer other services that include : assistance with opening bank accounts, help with immigration, real estate, brokerage accounts, corporate structures and business startup consultation. We will ensure your relocation transition goes smoothly and assist you with all your real estate needs from start to finish.

Where the Jewish Community lives:

The majority Jewish Community in Panama City lives within the neighborhoods of Paitilla, Punta Pacifica, Marbella and La Cresta - within the eruv - and which consists of modern high-rise towers, offering sea views and top notch amenities. Many of the buildings feature Shabbat elevators and are strategically located near the numerous local synagogues.


Renting and buying property in Panama:

Panama is becoming one of the top destinations for Jewish expats to move to because of the quality of modern living at an affordable price point.

Did you know you can rent a 3 bedroom apartment for as low as $1000 a month and purchase for as low as $250,000 depending on your budget and needs. There’s no better time to rent or own real estate in Panama City. With the current real estate market, prices are lower and more affordable in Panama right now.



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