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Panama Transportation

Travelers to Panama have many options when flying from the USA. Several major cities have direct flights with others providing easy transfers through their hubs. Once you arrive in Panama, transportation within Panama City is widely available with Uber, which compared to US pricing is extremely cheap. Renting a car is also an option if you are comfortable with all the signage being in Spanish. Our Things To Do page provides many locations to visit; some close to the city and others further out. There are beaches, rainforests and other land based excursions you reach by car. Some of the most beautiful beaches are found on the islands of Panama’s Pacific and Atlantic coasts. They are accessible by taking ferries from the city or even by a short plane ride from the airport in Panama City.



  • A number of airlines fly direct to Panama from the major hubs. You can connect through these points when leaving from other cities in the US and Canada.


  • Flights to some of the remote parts of Panama and islands depart from the Albrook Airport just outside the city.

  • AIR PANAMA ( services many of the distant destinations included on THINGS TO DO page.

  • Reaching some locations may need an additional ride by bus or car to reach your destination.

  • Arrangements for domestic travel can be made directly or through a tour guide.



  • UBER is available from the airport and within Panama City only. Even with Surge Pricing the relative cost of an Uber is much cheaper than in the USA.


  • Most major car rental companies have locations in the airport and in Panama City. While you can reserve through any of the online travel portals, like Orbitz, Hotwire, etc., whose daily rates are very low, be prepared to pay anywhere from $15- $18 per day for mandatory third party insurance even with Collision Damage Waivers from your credit card company.

    • Gas prices while not outrageous are higher in Panama than in the US.


  • Many Tour Guides will offer their services from pick up at the airport or your hotels. You can arrange excursions with them for a day trip or longer trips to the interior parts of the country.

    • See our Tour Guides & Agencies page

  • Private drivers can be hired for shorter trips with the Panama City area to visit the sites in the city or some of the closer venues like the Panama Canal, Amador or the older parts of the city.

    • Driver List - TBD


  • Ferries and Water Taxis provide regular service to many of the islands around Panama.

    • Taboga - TabogaExpress -; - 30 Minute ride from Panama City

    • Pearl Islands - Contadora, Viveros, Saboga, Sonny Island Resorts - - about 1:45 ride from the Flamenco Island docks at the end of the Amadour Causeway.

    • Bocas Del Toro - 25 minute ride once you arrive at the Almirante port. Two main companies run boats every ½ hour to 1 hour.

Panama Sailing Tours -


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